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General: What is worn should not command greater attention than the subject(s). Clothing that fits properly and is of a simple classic style produces the most pleasing portraits. Loud, bright colors with bold patterns, stripes, polka dots, and plaids usually do not photograph well. Wear your hair in the usual manner, avoid new or experimental hairdos. Week old haircuts photograph best. Above all remember individuals photograph best when rested and relaxed.

Make-up: Make-up should be natural, not heavy. Be attentive to how the eyes are made up. Avoid the use of heavy eye shadows and liners that may give your eyes a dark and lifeless look. Do not use a lipstick that will lighten the lips more than normal. Men should be freshly shaven or have recently groomed facial hair. A "five o'clock shadow" cannot be retouched out of a portrait.

Men and women should use corrective make-up on serious problems prior to the sitting.

Other Information: Don't overlook outfits and objects that may have a special place in your life. You may wish to bring some item representative of a hobby or other special interest. Children's special toys can be brought along to provide familiarity and security. Children cannot be told to smile they must be entertained and encouraged to smile.

Consultation: When  accepting a portrait commission,  I require a consultation to plan the session. Details such as clothing, poses, backgrounds, colors, textures, and style will be reviewed and discussed. I invite questions about any aspect of the portrait session. To create a beautiful lasting treasure for yourself, family, and friends you will need to have just three things: the desire...the time...and Rick McCauley Photography.

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